The Girl Throws up on Roller Coaster Website


This Girl Throws Up on a Roller Coaster. At first, she was just covering her mouth. That way, you knew she was the one who vomits (and because she is the fat one). It was near the end of the ride when she threw up.

This Guy Got to Mad Because they called it a 'Roller Coaster' But it is just a Ride; And Because it is Disgusting


Comment From, Sylvia Campos-Williams

The problem isn't that she puked on the ride, its the fact that this ride is not a ''roller coaster'' ! With all due respect, to whom ever created this videos title, I really Hope You Stub your toe on the corner of your doorway on your way out of your bedroom tomorrow morning. Did You even watch the video? Huh? Did You Even Watch The Video? Have you ever even rode on a roller coaster? Do I Need To Say It In Some other language? english: Its Not A Roller Coaster! Spanish: no es una montaña rusa! Arabic: انها ليست السفينة الدوارة Chinese:它不是一个过山车 French: il est pas un roller coaster Japanese: それはジェットコースターではありません Italian: non è un ottovolante German: il est pas un roller coaster Black guy: Yo Fool, Dat aint no rolla costa nigguh ............................................................................See, There.....I Hope Your happy. You made me waist 10 minutes on google translate, When I could of had an extra 10 minutes Humping My dog. I Just Think Its Highly unprofessional for you to say ''Lady Pukes On Roller Coaster", When clearly that ride is not, and never will be a roller coaster. You Know What? You really know how to screw up someones day. I was Relaxed And enjoying my ONLY day off work, watching some funny videos, and then i see this shit? How can people look past this? That is false advertising people. That ''roller coaster'' in the video, clearly is not a roller coaster. Do You Know What A roller coaster is? ....Holy shit, did you guys know that if you put salt on a slug it melts? My Friend just sent me a a link....Anyway, where was i? Oh, yeah. Like i was saying, It is highly ignorant for you to call that ride a roller coaster. And It Flabbergasted me when i saw that no one in the comments was as furious as me...Hold on one second......what?**.......**Yes Mom, I remembered to exterminate the ants under the bathroom sink**........ Okay, I'm back. And I Am Going to sue the person responsible for this ''Roller coaster'' mix up in video title. You will be hearing from my lawyer. There is no excuse for his evil act. Ever heard of ''thall shall not lie'' ? Well You Lied And Said That That Ride Was A roller Coaster, When It Clearly Wans't.....You Make Me Sick


By, Charles Silodor

Girl throws up on roller coaster, the video is a big time waster, That kid was freaking out on the ride, while recording, there was no place to hide;
The ride was too long, ate too much food; you know, at least she wasn't nood.
About six kids, row facing row; at least it was summer and didn't snow.
The ride was in Brazil, online, I heard someone killed bill.
When the ride was over, you must run for your live, as if you just stepped in a bee hive.
Fine at first, now your covering your mouth; the ride goes up and down and also south.
I'm glad I wasn't there, cause if I was, I'd die I fricken swear.


I can see the parallel universe, it looks like it's full of tears and curse, I think that girl might need a nurse, at least she didn't have a purse.
She's so ugly and fat, not surprised she barfed; your not in the chat, everyday she snarfed.
In slow mo, it looks even worse, I wonder if she actually rehearsed.


The throw up is pretty white, maybe she vomited because she was scared if the height.
They say the husband is never right, that may start a fight; a plane crash caught in sight, it was bright cause it was night you know.
Samay, he be spreading spam, got ran over by a lam, in his computer, he has low RAM, his name sounds like Sam.